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Welcome to Innovator's Public School

Dear parents, On behalf of staff, governors and pupils of innovator’s Public School, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. This booklet aims to help you to understand more about our aims and objectives. As a school, we look forward to sharing this period of your child’s life with your, and hope that your association with us is a long and happy one.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. M. G. Rahane
Head Teacher


At Innovator’s Public School we provide an exciting and challenging environment in which all children and staff are given opportunities to develop to their best ability: academically, socially and morally. We also provide an excellent foundation for future success and develop lifelong thinking skill of pupil. Working in partnership with parents and the community in an atmosphere of mutual trust, we recognize and provide for the rights of our pupils, encouraging them to have respect for themselves and others, and to develop as responsible members of our global society. This is facilitated through a broad, exciting and enriched curriculum equipping and developing our pupils as independent, life-long learners.

Aims of Innovator's Public School

Innovator’s Public School aims to :
1. Value every individual and to maximize the opportunities for his/her intellectual, moral, spiritual, physical, aesthetic and social development;
2. Help pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves successfully to tasks;
3. Create an interesting and stimulating environment, which reflects our values and promotes a sense of community as well as an individual sense of self worth;
4. Provide an excellent foundation for future success of each & every pupil;
5. Develop life-long thinking skill of pupils;
6. High standards and achievement where all our children to make good progress and achieve their potential.

General Rules

1. School Character Certificate and other certificates will be issued only to those who leave school after completing the full S.S.C Course and if their attendance and conduct are satisfactory. This must be taken within a year or else no such certificate will be issued.
2. The School Management reserves the right to add, or amend any of these Rules and the same shall be binding to the parents and pupils


1. All fees are to be paid strictly in advance by the 20 June or else a fine of Rs. 100/- for next ten days will be charged. Fees for the month of May is to be paid in advance in April.
2. No reduction is made for broken period.
3. A delay in payment beyond two months renders the pupil liable for removal from the school.
4. A month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of pupil or the fee will be charged. After January the fees for the remaining term will be charged.
5. All fees are non refundable.

School Hours

Morning Session : 9.45am – 1.00 pm
Afternoon session : 1.45pm – 4.30 pm

All pupils have a morning break of 15 minutes and afternoon break of 10 minutes.
Parents are reminded that they are responsible for their children before 9.45am and after School over.
Please send your child to school on time. All pupils are registered in the morning and afternoon. Please make sure your child arrives at school on time otherwise a late mark will be recorded. It is very important that good habits are formed early. Being punctual is very important and helps the day get off to a good start.
Please collect your child from the exit nearest to their classroom. If someone else is to pick up your child, please let the class teacher of office know. Do please try to be punctual, as children can get very upset if they feel left behind.


1. New admissions will be made, subject to the vacancies. No correspondence will be entertained regarding admissions.
2. Parents and guardians are given to understand that they will not be able to dictate terms and conditions to the management and that the management has the right to admit or refuse admissions to the pupils in the School.
3. New pupils are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the management and that the management has the right to say on what conditions it will admit or retain pupils in the School.
4. A candidate who joins fresh from home or from a private school has to produce an official Birth Certificate such as the grampanchayat, Municipal or Baptism Certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the Admission Form.

Admission Criteria

1. According to the Government regulation only pupils who will complete six years on 1 June, can be admitted to standard First and a corresponding scale of ages is fixed for the subsequent standards,
2. If the pupil comes from a school outside the State, the School Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the inspector of the concerned state.


1. A month’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a pupil or the fees will be charged. Such notice should be given in writing by a person responsible for the pupil and not by the pupil himself. Those who leave in April must pay the fees for May.
2. If the name of a pupil, who has been absent, has been entered in the register for the following month, fees for that month is due, even if the absence continues.
3. No School leaving Certificate is given until all sums due to the school have been paid in full.


Information Details
School Name Innovator’s Public School, Chandanapuri
Address Chandanapuri, Tal. Sangamner, Dist. Ahmednagar, Pin Code:- 422605
Affiliation No. 1130923
School Code 30916
Principal Name Mrs. Manisha Gorakshanath Rahane,(MA BEd.)
School Email Id
Contact Details 9226276528, 9527137613, 02425-278211


Information Details
Principal Name Mrs. Manisha Gorakshanath Rahane,(MA BEd.)
1. PGT 0
2. TGT 10
3. PRT 17
Teachers Section Ratio 1.5
Details of special Educator Mr. Kiran Ramnath Sahane
Details of Councellor/Wellness Teacher Mr. Goraksha Punjaji Rahane


Information Details
1. Total campus Area 6300 Sq.M
2. Number of classroom 23
3. Area of each classroom 516.93 Sq. Ft.
4. Number of Laboratories 04
5. Size of Laboratories 525.93 Sq. Ft
6. Internet Facility YES
7. No. Of Toilets 1. Girls:- 14 2. Boys:- 18
8. Link of You Tube Video

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